from David Aron (Drummer 13)

by far maybe the greatest experience of my life! thanks to Hisham and Boredoms for allowing a beginner like me to be part of what could be described as a Quitzocotal transformation. a feathered serpent for sure! when we were playing, the energy increase was so profound, dissolving egos and making a unified experience. so much light! The predominant mood in the drum spiral was GRATITUDE! and all the trees where letting go of all the pain they take in from the city, it made my eye's water when i'd look at them, like a burning sensation that you get with a lot of people energy. this was future primitive! sonic, whole, aboriginal cords, a gift to the people and maybe more important, the place we live. a shift in musical vision and volition. weeks after the event, after watching the video, it made me spontaneously burst into tears... i felt the ache of my heart opening. 88 infinity drum would of course be the healthiest next wave, but the first has all the power in it for a long time to come. Jim Black, Man Man man, those guys rule! Kid, Pete, Jesse, Dave, Andy, Brian, Abs… everyone there, but most of all EYE, YO, YOSHIMI, SEN, meta thanks.

DATE/ 09/17/07
from David Grubbs (Drummer 23)

Bless the Boredoms for being the perfect hosts.

Bless them for facilitating the convergence of 77 musicians under the easiest and most pleasurable of circumstances. Bless the Boredoms for having a musical idea of such effortless simplicity.

From where I sat, 77 Boadrum was an embodiment of William S. Burroughs’s Doctrine of D.E. (Do It Easy). The Doctrine of D.E. recommends that you put yourself in a position of maximum ease so that you can apply maximum focus to the task at hand. The only other time in musical performance where I can remember being so intensely relaxed and so intensely focused has been when playing with Tony Conrad, where the task at hand is sufficiently simple that you can inhabit it fully, and with a deeply satisfying intensity of focus. The Boredoms made possible this experience of intense relaxation and intense concentration.

Their optimism was infectious. Of course this will work. Of course people will play beautifully. Of course the day will be glorious.

My abiding memory of the event will be the sound + image of drum-energy and human-energy coiling outwards in a spiral, and then reversing and retreating inward. I heard 1/77, 2/77, 3/77, 4/77 . . . 74,77, 75/77, 76/77, 77/77, 76/77, 75/77, 74/77 . . . 4/77, 3/77, 2/77, 1/77. I also recall the boats passing in slow motion and extreme closeup.

SUBMITTED BY/ David Grubbs
DATE/ 09/16/07
from Butchy Fuego (Drummer 7)

I feel like I can probably speak for most of the drummers that played when I say there's not really much you can express about this day that could begin to explain what a joy and an honor it was to participate in this event. The performance was completely mindblowing and powerful. Anyone who was there knows what a beautiful, special and amazing day it was and trying to convey that seems impossible so I won't even try. Thank you Boredoms for taking us with you deeper into the cosmos of the music/magic/power/light beat that pounds beyond the omniverse!!!!!!!

SUBMITTED BY/ Butchy Fuego
DATE/ 09/16/07
from Chris Moore (Drummer 64)

hope for music that’s it.

a concentration and commitment to such and ambitious piece!

however “technically” simple as some jokers could say.

as a player during the performance, i loved the responsibility to make it right, and to transcend… at times i did, as I’m sure most of the others...

afterword, as i recall it in memory, and discussing / explaining to friends i’m overwhelmed with emotion. teary but laughing.

i’m extremely lucky to have experienced this connection. it happens so very rarely.

hope for music thats it.

DATE/ 09/13/07
from Trent Wolbe

There were very few people sitting passively at the edges of 77BOADRUM - most were staring, getting huge smiles on their faces when the biggest crashing moments of sound happened - the ground of the entire park shaking in unison to the beat of these Japanese visionaries. The kind of gigantic jolt that people need to push them forward and make them want to do things bigger and better, something that goes beyond experimental and gets in to being poppy in its scope and execution.

As double-decker tour buses crossed the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and pleasure steamboats floated by in the East River, I could only imagine what the tourists on them could have thought they were looking at as they saw (and heard) "the 77 boa drum coil like a snake and transform to become a great dragon!" I hope they were thinking WHOA! AWESOME! DRUM SPIRAL! which is not something a lot of other weird music events can do to, you know, outsiders. Thanks Boredoms! You guys RULE!

Adapted from Drum Spiral by Trent Wolbe, originally published 7/8/2007 on WFMU’s Beware of the Blog .

DATE/ 09/12/07
from E.M. Farmer

Not being one to come to a party without a gift, I left drummer number 72 Jason Kourkounis, who was doing a helluva job drumming in front of me, a wee little memento of the occasion... a book I had coincidentally found that morning. It was a very Seussical -type tome that I found fitting for the occasion – here are a few lines...

Hand, hand, fingers, thumb. One thumb, One thumb, drumming on a drum. Dum ditty, dum ditty, dum, dum, dum!

It was a great day in Brooklyn!

DATE/ 09/12/07
from Jared Burak (Drummer 27)

Honestly, Summer is my least favorite time of year. It's hot, it's sticky, it makes my insomnia about 10 times worse than normal. So, the weather and early load in on 7/7/07 were not in my favor, nor was the alcohol I consumed after rehearsing/sweating in the park for several hours. There were a few moments of feeling on the brink of disaster, I don't think I'm the only one, but we all pulled through in the end.

The pre-show vibe was a lot like other shows I've been too: everybody standing around looking at one another and waiting. There seemed to be a lot nervous energy floating around and it seemed like everybody was slightly anxious. What I found most rewarding from the experience was what happened when we all started to play together. All that anxiety and nervousness was channeled into fuel for a 77 headed rhythmic monster and all the awkwardness dropped away as we all killed it, together. It was the hippiest and at the same time loudest performance I've ever been apart of. I think we were able to bring the idea of the 77 BoaDrum to life as one giant instrument and I had a great time being a part of it, even as a melting, sleep-deprived zombie.

Finally, just for clarification, I am not a Michigan hater. Also, thanks to Robin and Pete for hanging out with the haggard, shady looking guy, yours truly. Also, thanks to Hisham for dealing with all of it.

DATE/ 09/12/07
from Nick DeCarmine (Drummer 21)

It's impossible to put into words what that day was like on a macrocosmic level. An overall summary could never do it justice. Even trying to break it down into individual components, it was possible to miss so much if it was happening outside of your immediate frame of reference. One thing that really struck me was the sense that when we were playing, it really WAS like being inside a living organism. The tidal ebb and flow of the piece lent a much grander scale to it, and really took you outside of yourself for the duration. For me, the best moments weren't when we were all in sync with each other, but when we staggered a bit, then felt this huge collective breath as we all came back together. Those moments were very special to me. It reinforced that we were a community, and rather than the rhythmic precision I think some people may have hoped for, we had this charming sort of imperfection about us, even as we worked towards one end.

Thanks so much to Vice for putting the event on, and especially to BOREDOMS, who had the vision and brought it to life.

SUBMITTED BY/ Nick DeCarmine
DATE/ 09/12/07
from Sara Lund (Drummer 67)

“Do you think I could do that?” I sheepishly asked my friend Miggy back in early June, after he was the 2nd person to tell me about 77 BOADRUM. And thanks a little bit to who I know (Miggy), who I was (Unwound) and affirmative action (they were no longer accepting male participants at that point), I was in! After cashing in some frequent flier miles, it only cost me $10 (and a 5 hour layover in Cincinnati) to get to NYC from my hometown of Portland, OR. Best $10 I've ever spent.

As the performance began, the cymbal washes gradually rolled out from the center, the WHUSHHHHHH getting louder and louder. Then, the single hit on the toms started as the cymbal wash reached the tail of the spiral. As the tom hits made their way through the drummers, the WHUSHHHH got quieter as the whoomp WHOOMP WHOOMP of the toms grew louder and louder until finally all 77 of us were hitting our toms in unison. The ground shook and tears sprang to my eyes as I was completely overcome with emotion. My breath was caught in my throat and the corners of my mouth were grabbing at my ears. The thrill was akin to swimming in a waterfall, or riding in a helicopter for the first time. Truly one of the most amazing things I've ever been involved in. I mean that. Sincerely.

Afterwards, I imagined being a teenage kid from some small town on vacation in NYC with my parents. I’m bored out my mind by how lame my parents are. Riding the Circle Line around Manhattan, we pass under the Brooklyn Bridge and come upon what looks like 100 drummers and 1,000s of people in a park by the water. "Mom, Dad, I'm moving to New York!"

DATE/ 09/09/07
from Matthias Schulz (Drummer 75)

mellow sun/intense vibration. mellow vibration/intense sun. three sevens clash 07/07/07. 77 BOADRUM

SUBMITTED BY/ Matthias Schulz
DATE/ 09/08/07
from Taylor Richardson (Drummer 16)

all i can really say is wha? intense shit right! rode down to ny on the 777 fung wah bus from boston (i’m not fucking kidding) practice in harlem, no A.C., holy shit. building fans from scratch...up at seven for the show, got lost then baked in the sun all day...performance starts....hippie in the sunset, (check the flickr photos) miracle wave, sound coil, cue from abs, smile with hisham, john and kidd, can't imagine it getting any better. hope lightning strikes twice.

SUBMITTED BY/ Taylor Richardson
DATE/ 09/08/07
77 Boadrum spectator

We arrived in Brooklyn exactly at the time the line was supposed to start but it already stretched all the way out to the bridge. After two hours, we noticed people continually heading towards the front of the line. We got out and headed towards the entrance and realized these people magically getting in front of everyone and creating congestion. So, the line was moving up front but not where we were. We also heard the RSVP was disregarded. Hope was lost and guilt overcame me since I dragged four of my friends with me from DC who have never even heard of The Boredoms. Around 7pm, the line begins to move rapidly, with the line still filled with uncertainty. We luckily got in and found an excellent spot since half the crowd was busy buying Sapporo. Not much else needs to be said about the amazing event. After the show, the group disregarded my friend and I since our host didn't allow us to sleep in his house. Being broke, we had to sleep on the street. It was my first time in NYC. It was worth it.

SUBMITTED BY/ Roman Dehghi
DATE/ 09/07/07
77: Workin' Overtime

We’re hard at work wrapping up Viva Radio’s online video companion to the Boredoms 77 Boadrum event. We can’t announce an official launch date just yet but it could be as early as this Friday, September 7th. Don't hold it to us but it does have a nice ring, right? Until and after launch, we”re seeking written submissions for our WORDS section. This forum serves to post occasional Boadrum news but more for users to share their stories with those that experienced the event up close and those that didn't. Submissions will be posted as received and will live happily in cyberspace forever. So, let us know what happened to you before / during / after the 07/07/07 event. Please submit as much or as little as you'd like (ideally, 50 to 150 words). First round of submissions to post for launch, should be sent as soon as possible to: 77boadrum@viva-radio.com Feel free to include your name, e-mail, blog / myspace / web site URL for link back. Thanks for your support so far and far ahead.

DATE/ 09/04/07